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March, 2013: New Facebook page!

Dr. Squee
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I have been terrible recently at maintaining my artist website here, so I have decided to start a Facebook artist page instead. Please like the new page for more updates! (and notice that I've decided to change my name to Dr. Squee now). You can come and see me play in Amsterdam on the 28th of March or the 13th of April, see the Facebook events for more details.

February, 2012 update

The show together with Silvahfonk was great! I have just updated the archives and the recordings are online, check it out in the radio section. Also this month I did a Raiden special, with 44 Raiden tracks in 2 hours of time... coming to the conlusion in the end that 2 hours was not even sufficient! If you love his tunes, you'll love this mix, it's also available int he archive right now. For the next few shows I'll have Infest lined up at the end of this month, and next month I'll be teaming up with Adi-J again to do a show! Keep tuning in.

January, 2012 update

First of all, happy new year! I have just added the last three radioshows into the radio archive, including the fresh new years special show that I played back 2 back with Arnicvs from Jungletrain. Also make sure not to miss the show coming up at the end of this month on the 31st of January, when Silvahfonk is joining me on the show!

November, 2011 update

With the radioshow fully underway again, I'll be hosting my first guest this month! Tune in on the 22nd of November between 20:00-22:00 CET to enjoy the sounds of Pythius, a fresh new talent from Utrecht, the Netherlands who is establishing himself rapidly as a name to consider in the Drum and Bass scene. For more details, check the full announcement on Jungletrain.net, and make sure you don't miss the show.

I've also started again adding archives of the radio shows to the radio page; the full first show is up there and a sweet relaxed atmospherics mix that I did in the second show. Enjoy!

October, 2011 update

It has been awfully quiet the last year but things moved much more slowly then I had anticipated. Now the new studio is fully installed (some pictures soon), and starting the 25th of October I will resume my show on Jungletrain.net again! Tune in every odd Tuesday from 8 to 10 pm CET for your bi-weekly dosage of proper Drum & Bass. The A.M.S. Logo

December, 2010 update

December will be a bit quiet, as the A.M.S. radioshow is temporarily on hold until I have moved into my new house start of next year. It has a great basement though, so I hope to build a nice studio. The Blackout gig in October was awesome, thanks for coming down if you were there! I have also added the last couple of shows I did this year to the archives, so you can check them out in the radio section and have something to listen to until I'm back on the digital airwaves ;) See you again in 2011!

September, 2010 update

No new shows in the archive this time unfortunately, as I was on vacation so the radioshow was on hold. Tune in again on the 28th of September! However, there is some other great news; I'm playing the opening set at Black Sun Empire's Blackout party on October 1st. Come and check me out: (click on flyer for more details) Blackout flyer 1st of October

August, 2010 update

Finally I caught up with updating the archives of the radio show, so now the months June to August are put online, check it in the Radio section! If you like the dark techy sounds, make sure you check out the Sinthetix & Corrupt Souls special. Also please note that the radioshow has now shifted to a bi-weekly schedule, with a two hour edition of Break-Fast Radio on the even weeks, and my show on the odd weeks.

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