Here I will be collecting my list of 'official' studio mixes that I did over the years. I'm trying to keep them all online, this will be the central location to check for the most up to date links.

After starting with only my Atmospheric mixes here, I recently also added my three classic Technoid mixes from 2003. They enjoyed great popularity back then, within the Dutch Drum & Bass community (including Thijs from Noisia, Limewax and Spinor), as well as abroad. Unfortunately the earlier mixes are a bit less in sound quality, but that doesnt make the tunes and mixes less enjoyable!

SQU011: Mystic Moments (21/03/09)

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A mix with nice Atmospheric/Intelligent DnB sounds mainly from '95-'97, with great tunes from PFM, Photek and Source Direct, making it the third Atmospheric/Intelligent DnB mix that I did. In this mix I concentrated more on the real oldskool sound, using a large collection of records that I bought from Amsterdam based DJ Myst after he quit DJing. This is also where the name of the mix is inspired on, and with many more of these tunes on my shelves I hope to make a Mystic Moments pt2 at some point as well.

SQU009: Journey into the Sun (14/09/04)

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The second Atmospheric/Intelligent DnB mix that I did, in line with the previous one, Spacestation. Fractional designed me a CD cover, however I never made any hardcopies of this mix. Together with the Spacestation mix, I had a lot of positive feedback with this mix getting cross-posted on many Drum & Bass oriented websites world-wide. The name was inspired by the starting tune that I picked for the mix, and then complemented by choosing the right tune to end the mix as well.

Cover art:
Journey into the sun cover

SQU007: 95% Technoid (26/12/03) (Drum & Benefiet set rerecorded)

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The third Technoid mix that I made which, again, enjoyed great popularity. Actually it's a mix that I re-recorded at home after playing it at the "Drum & Benefiet" party in Leeuwarden, Netherlands a few days before. This was a special charity event to gather money for War Child. The mix rolls through heavily, with long mixovers in my typical style. Great stuff, unfortunately some glitches here and there due to the cheap-ass mixer I had back then, but that doesnt spoil the quality of the tunes!

SQU005: Spacestation (16/06/03) (2008 remastered version)

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The first official Atmospheric/Intelligent DnB mix that I did. I was greatly inspired back then by Amsterdam based DJ Emir who used to play great Atmospheric sets. He passed away in an unfortunate accident in 2002, so I decided to dedicate this mix to him. Eilish made me some very nice covers, which I used to print and create a limited set of CDs that I handed out to people in the local scene. It probably got me a booking or two where I got to play this style.

In 2008 I came across the original recording of the mix, and remastered it a little and re-encoded it on a higher bitrate with a better quality encoder. Time to space away!

Cover art:
Spacestation front cover Spacestation back cover Spacestation inside picture

SQU004: Return to Technoid (22/04/03)

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The second Technoid DnB mix that I did, after the first was received well. Unfortunately the sound quality is not the best, also probably due to the terrible mp3 encoder that I used back then.

SQU002: Technoid Mix (06/01/03)

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The first Technoid DnB mix that I did, which really started to define my style in the technoid corner of the Drum & Bass spectrum. In retrospect, 2003 was really the golden era for that style with the breakthrough of Black Sun Empire and the great techy tunes from the DSCI4 camp. It was received well in the Dutch Drum & Bass community, with Thijs from Noisia and Limewax amongst it's fans! :)

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